The Paradise War

Wolves prowling the streets of Oxford. A green man haunting the Highlands... Lewis Gillies is face to face with an ancient mystery.

Drawn from the ivory towers of Oxford to the misty moors and glens of Scotland, Lewis expects little more than a pleasant weekend away. But the road north leads to a mystical crossroads, and he finds himself in a place where two worlds meet, in the time-between-times.

The ancient Celts admitted no separation between this world and the Otherworld: the two were delicately interwoven, each dependent upon the other. In The Paradise War this balance is disturbed—a breach has opened between the worlds, and cosmic catastrophe threatens.

– Dust jacket blurb from the Lion hardcover

The Silver Hand

"A king is a king, but a bard is... the heart and soul of the people. He is their life in song, the lamp which guides their steps along the paths of destiny."

So speaks Tegid Tathal, a bard and the son of bards.

The great king, Meldryn Mawr, is dead and his kingdom lies in ruins. Treachery and brutality stalk Prydain. Prince Meldron, prompted by the cunning and grasping Siawn Hy, now claims the throne.

But the bard alone holds the kingship—it is his to give where he pleases. His choice falls on another and the Day of Strife begins.

– Dust jacket blurb from the Lion hardcover

The Endless Knot

"Hear, O son of Albion: Blood is born of blood. Flesh is born of flesh. But the spirit is born of spirit, and with Spirit evermore remains. Before Albion is One, the Hero Feat must be performed and Silver Hand must reign."

Fire rages in Albion: a strange, hidden fire, dark-flamed, invisible to the eye. Seething and churning, it burns, gathering flames of darkness into its hot black heart. Unseen and unknown, it burns...

Llew Silver Hand is High King of Albion and the Brazen Man has defied his sovereignty. Llew must journey into the Foul Land to redeem his greatest treasure. The last battle begins.

– Dust jacket blurb from the Lion hardcover