"!Hero" is a multi-media, multi-personality project. Eddie DeGarmo (DeGarmo & Key; producer) and Bob Farrel (Farrel & Farrel; producer) wrote a Rock Opera, starring Michael Tait (DC Talk; Tait), Rebecca St. James (solo), Mark Stuart (Audio Adrenaline), and others. Stephen Lawhead and his son Ross were asked to write a series of comic books, which expanded into a graphic novel and a trilogy of literary novels.

!Hero: The Rock Opera (CD)

!Hero: The Graphic Novel

There was a five-chapter series of comic books written by Ross Lawhead: the first four were released individually as comic books. The fifth was released only as part of a Graphic Novel, containing all five chapters.

!Hero: Novel Trilogy

Stephen and Ross co-authored a novel-version of the !Hero story. The publisher only released the first novel in the trilogy.

  1. City of Dreams
  2. Rogue Nation [unpublished]
  3. World Without End [unpublished]