The Search for Fierra

Orion Treet, an iterant and often-unemployed writer, is abducted at gunpoint. Then he is offered eight million dollars and the adventure of a lifetime. The mission? To observer and chronicle the growth of a new extraterrestrial colony: Empyrion.

Arriving on the planet Fierra, Treet discovers a civilization in decline, fragmented by millennia of mistrust and hatred. To survive, he and his odd assortment of companions must unscramble the mysteries around them... before time runs out for the settlement.

– Back Cover Blurb from a Zondervan/HarperPrism edition

The Siege of Dome

How reilient is the human spirit in the face of merciless oppression? What values in life stand up to certain death?

Inn the second and concluding Empyrion book, Orion Treet determines to return to Dome after his brief respite among the peaceable, graceful Fieri. No one but Orion and a handful of rebels seriously believe that Dome will carry out its threat to annihilate Fierra. Abandoned by his companions from Earth, Treet becomes a solitary figure in a deadly civil war.

– Back Cover Blurb from a Zondervan/HarperPrism edition

Empyrion Omnibus: The Search for Fierra & The Siege of Dome

Traveler, debt-dodger, itinerant critic, and writer of history books nobody buys, Orion Treet is astonished when he’s invited to accompany a top-secret mission to observe and document an extraterrestrial colony on a newly discovered planet. But when Treet and his companions reach the paradise planet they have been promised, they find themselves enmeshed in an ancient and deadly conflict between two highly evolved civilizations. Can the free and perfect world of Fierra escape annihilation? Treet, with a handful of rebels, stands alone against the evil might of Dome, as events move inexorably towards a world-shaking climax.

–'s "From the Publisher" on this omnibus edition